Who We Are

RES is the primary hub of student innovation at Rutgers University - New Brunswick. We’re creators. We’re inventors. We’re entrepreneurs. Our membership spans all academic disciplines, from finance to computer science to english to biomathematics and everything in between. Our network composes of active student organizations and dedicated faculty across Rutgers’ undergraduate schools, all dedicated to providing support and resources to anyone who wants to build an independent project or business at the university.

Voices of Innovation

In Collaboration with Google Start-up Grind

Every month we invite a successful entrepreneur to Rutgers to speak on their experiences and connect with students to share their advice. We’ve had CEO’s of billion-dollar tech companies. We’ve had co-founders of start-ups that were acquired for millions of dollars. We’ve had graphic designers, businesspeople, artists, engineers, and many more. Because we think when creative student thinkers and experienced innovators come together, the potential is limitless.


A new way to start up a start-up at Rutgers: We've created the first start-up incubator at Rutgers. One created by students for students. Work with our student directors and technical mentors and go from idea to prototype and pitch deck in twelve weeks. And after you finish the program, our network of investors will be eager to provide further opportunities for funding and professional mentorship.

RISE Weekend

RISE is the weekend-long staple conference of our organization. Once a year we host a rigorous 36-hr competition, where students create and present a start-up from scratch, packed into a weekend of incredible keynote speakers and skilled student workshops, bringing together students from universities across the east coast.

Meet the RESidents

Behind every program, every event, and every initiative is hours of work from both our executive board and members of our teams.
Interested in getting more involved? Feel free to reach out to our team directors for more information!

  •       Jhanvi Virani

  •        Nikhit Kethidi

               Vice President
  •          Ryan Divins

  •        John Tabor

  •       Elijah Moretti

                RISE Director
  •     Nicholas Lusskin

              RESx Director
  •     Priyanka Bansal

                PR Director
  •   Rahul Chakraborty

           Outreach Co-Director
  •        Irum Yasmin

           Outreach Co-Director
  •        Manish Arora

           Hult Prize Director

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